Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Only One

My only one

There is only one that is meant for you,
Only one you can love so true,
A single match for your heart,
Who leaves a mark too strong to depart,
I have found that one in you,
You are the image of love so true,
In all that I have done,
I am proud to have found my only one.

My heart skips a beat when I see your face,
I am amazed each day with your grace,
My heart melts when you smile at me,
In a crowd your beauty is all I can see,
When we’re apart I think of you,
I know that where you are you think of me too,
For we are two peas in a pod,
Ordained by God.

I desire nothing else other than what I have,
I would need no more than you gave,
My life is complete with you,
Nothing more needed and none to do,
God has granted me my deepest wish,
Because in you he granted that wish,
In all that I have done,
I am proud to have found my only one.

This God

This God,

The sun rose in the same place it did yesterday,
And the sunrise was just as beautiful,
The rays shone in different colours,
Just to show us that He can.
Later today he will send the sun the other way,
And show us a different panoply,
All I can do is marvel as I watch,
I smile and think, This God.

A million years ago, he set planets into orbit
And every day they turn round,
Never has one planet missed a round,
Or called off sick,
In the same way in which our universe works,
He has millions others at his finger tips,
This is the same God who takes care of you,
The same God who blesses what you do.

Friday, July 23, 2010



I haven’t slept a wink in days,
Because I’m afraid of what’s on the other side,
I closed my eyes last night,
And saw my head severed from my body,
I woke up screaming and on my feet,
No idea how I got to where I was,
Afraid of what I could do next time,
Afraid of what I would see if I closed my eyes.

I haven’t shed a tear in years,
But now I feel the tears weighing heavily on my heart,
I know I need to cry,
And I want to cry,
But I can’t,
The burden is too heavy for tears,
I feel tears will make me weaker than I am now,
And weakness, I fear, will cripple me.

I haven’t loved in years,
Yet I feel no need for love,
I find love to be a wasted feeling,
An acceptance of all the things we would never truly desire,
An acceptance of weakness and betrayal,
An acceptance of confusion and compromise,
I have no time to love,
And I pray I never will.

I haven’t prayed in years,
Because I’m afraid to give someone else control,
I’m afraid that God will always be right,
Yet I know there are answers only he can give,
I wish I could find the courage to go on one knee,
And say a prayer for my distraught soul,
God knows I need that, I know I need that,
Maybe I’ll pray today.

I haven’t slept and I haven’t cried,
I haven’t loved and I haven’t prayed,
Perhaps I need all these things,
But I wonder if the reason people don’t see my pain,
Is because I have no wounds or scars,
They live only in my soul and heart,
Today I will cry and I will pray,
Perhaps I may sleep and wake to a better day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cara mia, ti voglio bene

Cara mia, ti voglio bene

She looked up to me with an enchanting smile,
I looked back and let out a smile,
She felt perfect in my arms,
I was entirely besotted by her charms,
She radiated a unique warmth that only she could,
And she arched herself into me in a way that only she should,
I felt at home with here,
I knew I’d always need her near.

Her skin felt silky against mine,
It’s almost as though the contact stopped time,
I felt feelings that I’ve never felt before,
And these feelings kept growing more and more,
She was like an angel lying next to me,
Like a vision that only I could see,
I whispered to her, Come sei bella,
She looked and whispered Cara mia, ti voglio bene

Broken Heart

Broken Heart

Everything is made to be broken,
Those were the words harshly spoken,
As she tore my heart from within my chest,
And dashed it to the ground in an unsightly mess,
The pain of love is what it is,
Yet no one ever tells you it feels like this,
No one tells you that you’d rather die,
Or that the tears are too heavy for you to cry.

No one tells you that you lose your will to live,
That life has nothing more to give,
That your expectations seems to turn to dust,
And any shining light becomes brittle dust,
All this pain at a woman’s hand,
I just don’t understand,
How do I go on with a broken heart?
How do you nurse a broken heart?

Today I tried to wake up but I couldn’t,
I’m crying but I know I shouldn’t,
I’m dying inside and I do know what to do,
How can this be true?
I wonder how I will take every other day,
Or simply how to get beyond today,
How do I go on with a broken heart?
Is anyone meant to live broken heart?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My first love

My first love

I never knew that I could feel this way,
I never knew the feeling would grow day by day,
It felt almost physical,
Yet in my heart the sensation was magical,
The way she made me feel was brand new,
And now I didn’t quite know what to do,
She was my first love,
An angel sent from up above.

I thought I had been in love before,
But this feeling was just so much more,
She was the symbol of perfection,
Without that being her intention,
Her smile would light up the way,
Bring sunshine on a cold May day,
I know I loved her so,
A feeling that I knew would never go.

Every morning I woke up to her face,
Every day I glowed in her grace,
There’s nowhere I would rather be,
And she too wanted to be near me,
There is no one else I would rather have,
So to her, my life, I gave,
Have you ever seen the fluttering of a white dove,
That is the embodiment of the feeling of true love.

God You Gave this World to Me

God You Gave this World to me

God you have this world to me,
And made me a colossal for all to see,
You made me proud to be called me,
And made me see what I could be,
You told me I could capture the earth with my voice,
And that success to me was now a mere choice,
You told me that I was ahead in life’s race,
And none could keep up with my pace.

You gave me the spirit to be able to feel,
Then you gave me the power within to heal,
You handed me the golden key to my destiny,
So that I could be what you meant me to be,
You planted me where I should rest my feet,
And spoke to me when in prayer we did meet,
I feel the time is now to walk those steps today,
And may You help he who stands in my way.

I feel my blood boil at fever pitch,
I feel the future coming within reach,
Though at times I have battled and lost,
I know what I have comes at some cost,
So I look forward to tomorrow,
Unafraid of pain and sorrow,
For I’ve learnt in life and through it,
That if you catch hell don’t hold it.

I know I will not be led to a set path,
I will create it with the boldness of my heart,
I know I will walk on thorns,
And see valleys of dry bones,
But with you death becomes life,
And we are made stronger by the strife,
So I say, God You gave this world to me,
And made me a colossal for all to see.



I always wondered why I couldn’t dance,
On the floor I didn’t stand a chance,
I wondered why I sang like a frog with the flu,
Believe me, that analogy is true.
I wondered why I wasn’t taller, maybe just a chunk,
Perhaps no woman would ever call me a hunk,
But I learnt a lesson through me,
That we should be what we were meant to be.

Dance if you’re a dancer,
Sing if you are a singer,
Write if you’re a writer,
Speak if you’re a speaker,
Run if you’re a runner,
Sprint if you’re a sprinter,
Don’t wonder why you aren’t him or me,
Just be!

Walk if you’re walker,
Jump if you’re a jumper,
Love if you’re a lover,
But don’t hate even if they call you a hater,
Dream if you’re a dreamer,
Laugh when you find the laughter,
If you’re a climber, climb a tree,
The essence is just to be!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A love so true

A love so true

My life was a dark path until I met you,
Until I found a love found only by very few,
True love that few will ever know,
Yet for me it continues to grow.
I feel heaven nearer when you’re around,
The splendor of love so abound,
You light up my life,
My darling wife.

I’ve imagined the pain I’d feel if I were to lose you,
It would be a cruel fate to both me and you,
I know not what I would do,
Hence I pray that that will never come true,
As I discover more about you, I begin to know a better me,
A me that I am proud to be,
A me that radiates because of you,
Because of this love, a love so true.

I would not trade it for the earth,
For this earth without you is just a mound of dirt,
I will cherish it and hold it near,
Like a diamond you’d hold so dear.
The love that makes everything fine,
That makes water taste like sweet wine,
I find this all in you,
A love so precious and true.

Who Knew?

Who knew

It was a news story much like any other,
Of people far away killing one another,
People most of us never really know,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
But for me this one was a little different,
For this one I paused one brief moment.
I looked at the picture of the man they slew,
A man no-one ever really knew.

He had taken two bullets to his head,
Those had sent him to his final resting bed,
Yet no-one really knew that he was a father,
Or that he had a ageing mother,
He had at some point cried,
Then at another he had smiled,
Those who cared are really few,
Of this man, I wondered, who knew?

Before he died he had looked forward to tomorrow,
Even though his life was plagued with sorrow,
He had helped his neighbor paint his house,
He’d also protected his daughter from a mouse,
Now he’s just another dead man,
Killed by warriors because they can,
Maybe his death had saved one or two,
Who knew?

Never before had I cared for a death far away,
But things are different today,
The man was from Palestine or thereabout,
I cared enough to find out,
He left his family without a father,
Never again to be together,
He was also a doctor to many not few,
But then again, who knew?

Can you hear me

Can you hear me

He knows he is about to die,
Yet he doesn’t really know why,
He will be murdered in the most painful way,
He will be burnt to death before the end of day,
They have him trapped by a large tyre,
The gasoline already on him ready for the fire,
He looks up and cries to God,
Can you hear me, Lord?

She hasn’t eaten since two days ago,
And her little boy hasn’t eaten for even more,
Now he lies weakening next to her,
A sight she finds so hard to bear,
She’s too poor to take care of her and her son,
What could she have done?
She asks how this could be?
She cries out, Lord, can you hear me?

The little girl holds stale half eaten bread,
She’s a parent when she should be a child instead,
At 10 she looks after her sister and brother,
No roof over their head, no mother, no father,
She suffers abuse and heartache,
Every day, she feels her heart break,
Every day she prays to God,
She cries, can you hear me Lord?

I miss you

I miss you

I keep counting down the days,
And I’ve counted them down in many ways,
I first counted them in English,
Then made a poor attempt in Finnish,
I’ve started from Monday to Sunday,
Then back from Sunday to Saturday,
No matter which way, one thing remains true,
I miss you.

The cold feels so much colder,
And the nights seem so much darker,
The days seem lonelier than ever,
They seems to drag on forever,
My dreams are always of you,
With me…just us two,
I sit unsure what to do,
Because I truly miss you.

I miss your smile, your voice, your touch,
I miss your aura…so so much,
I can’t function without you here,
I know I need you near,
I can’t wait until the day you return to me
The day we once again can be,
Until then I’ll be thinking of you,
My love, I miss you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A man undone

A man undone

He sits and looks out of the window,
He knows he’s never felt so much sorrow,
The uncertainty that calls itself tomorrow,
Chill his spine down to the marrow.

Yesterday he had everything,
Yesterday he could hear glorious angels sing,
Yet today he has nothing,
Today he bears all that hell has to bring.

First he lost the car then the wife,
The love of his life,
Then the house went to his wife,
Then the job disappeared caused by all this strife.

The friends went with the money,
Flocking to some new found honey,
Family too seemed to follow the money,
And colleagues found his demise funny.

People always say it could be worse,
Perhaps you could be in a hearse,
But maybe life is the curse,
And death could be the close to this verse.

Easier not to believe

Its easier not to believe, Because the alternative brings me pain, To think of the journey i have walked, And that a father who loves me ...