Friday, August 12, 2011

There is me

There is love in my heart,
Love enough for some of it to have been lost,
Enough for some more to be romantic and brotherly,
And for most of it to be true.

There is passion in my eyes,
Passion that tells me to live every day,
To wake up and kiss every morning,
For after this life I may never live again.

There is fear in my bones,
Fear that my life may be a disappointment,
Fear that each day lost is a dream lost,
Fear that this life may end before I am ready.

There is anger boiling in my blood,
Anger at the lot that I have been given,
Anger that I have the burden of potential,
Yet it may never be realised.

There is hope in my soul,
Hope that tomorrow is a better day,
Hope that each day gives me a chance,
To become the man that even I can only dream of.

Then there is me,
A vessel filled with love, passion and fear,
Driven by hope and anger.
This is me, all of it is me.

Heaven can wait

My journey must end at the pearly gates,
Where a beautiful eternity awaits,
I should arrive with a smile on my face,
As I enter a place of grace,
In life I must have nothing left to do,
I should have fought each fight and seen each race through,
I should have won
I should have conquered everything I would have done.

Yet I am not ready to be heaven bound,
I’m not prepared to be buried in the ground,
I have many battles I still need to fight,
I still need to emerge from darkness into the light,
I still need to find my place,
Hence towards heaven there is no haste,
I know not what will be my fate,
But until I’m done, heaven can wait.

I have the heart to drive me forward,
I have the sand to battle onward,
I have the vision to see my goal,
I have the Lord to calm my soul,
I have places I still need to see,
And I am not yet who I need to be,
Until I reach that peaceful state,
Heaven can wait.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stop the rain

The burden of what we bear inside is hard to bear,
Especially in a world that battles to care,
We long for a peace that we’ve only once known.
When we were young but now we’ve grown,
We long for the days we looked upon tomorrow,
Yet now every tomorrow bears more sorrow,
Yet, even though we can never stop the rain,
We can find a place that heals the pain.

We don’t remember what sunshine looks like,
The chilling cold that escorts the rain begins to bite,
We watch the drops fall to the ground,
With them our hopes and dreams fall all around,
We watch as the rain beats upon our window,
At the same time our tears rest on the pillow,
The rain will always fall,
We could never stop it at all.

If the sun won’t shine outside,
Perhaps let’s allow it to shine inside,
As our hopes and dreams fall to the ground below,
Let them be the seeds that allow more hope to grow,
As we shed pain-filled tears,
Let them give us the resolve to face our fears,
Although we can never stop the rain,
We can find that place that heals the pain.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm coming home

We all live in expectation of this day,
But I never thought it would come this way,
I never imagined counting down my every breath,
Until I’m welcomed in the arms of death,
I wonder if we’ll be greeted by what we believe,
Those beliefs that gave us the will to live,
Slowly as I turn cold as stone,
I know I’m coming home.


The voices are starting to speak,
The light is beginning to turn bleak,
I hear the messages clearly in my head,
Some willing life, some wishing I were dead,
A battle has only just begun,
It will only end once it has been won,
The foe I battled was once a friend,
Dead to me, never to mend.

I know I must be ruthless,
Each strike must be hard and fearless,
My very being depends on what happens next,
On who comes out second best,
These voices won’t let me be,
They keep whispering to me,
I don’t know whether they are friend or foe,
Or whether they will speak even more.

In a way this is how it should go,
The only way for a better tomorrow,
If I lose I’ll lose in a big way,
A way I may regret day after day,
But if I win my life will change forever,
My life will change for the better.
I’m ready for the battle that will define me,
I’m ready to become fully me.

Easier not to believe

Its easier not to believe, Because the alternative brings me pain, To think of the journey i have walked, And that a father who loves me ...