Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One more day

It was so long ago,
When your love seeped to my core,
But it feels just like yesterday,
When we loved in every way,
I wonder why my heart betrays me,
How these feelings could be,
Why every day that I pray,
I pray to have you for one more day.

I'm confused, bewildered, perplexed,
That I'm willing to die that day next,
If only you'd love me again today,
If only tonight, you'd stay,
Let them burn me at the stake,
But only after I wake,
Beause tonight is for you and me,
This has to be.

I'd bleed until I die,
Tonight would be my reason why,
If I can only be around you,
To me they can do all they do,
For I would have known love,
A gift from God above,
Tonight when I kneel to pray,
I'll pray for one more day.

Afraid to love

I can’t do this any more,
Why does love have to be so,
You become a slave to unreasonable emotions,
And we’re battered by gainless notions,
You give up yourself to disadvantage,
Where someone wants to take advantage,
If this is really a gift from above,
I wonder if I could get anything other than love.

Every day you need to work at it,
That so it finds a place to fit,
The day you try to take a break,
It rips you apart and causes ache,
I’m afraid of this useless feeling,
A cause of pain that leaves you reeling
I’m afraid of this curse from above,
I’m afraid to love.

I’m afraid to surrender to the unknown,
Scared to feel that in my heart its grown,
I’m afraid to court this curse of pain,
To surrender all and any gain,
I’m afraid to become a slave,
To lose all that I have,
I’m afraid of this curse from above,
I’m afraid to love.

Evil in my dreams

I’ve seen you with fangs as I lay in my sleep,
In you evil runs deep,
You fill me with anger, fear and pain,
In my dreams you are never the same,
You appear as a serpent eager to kill,
And sometimes I fell that you will,
Sometimes you look like the devil,
In my dreams you are eternally evil,

I’ve seen you suck the blood from me,
And I’ve wondered how it could be,
That the person I know in life is a saint,
Yet in my dreams you make me faint,
I wake up afraid with my heart racing,
Without knowledge of what I’m facing,
Strange how it seems,
That you’re evil in my dreams.

Footprints in the rain

Nothing could ever fill this hole in my heart,
I can feel it being ripped apart,
The hole is in the shape of her,
It can only be filled by her being there,
She walked away without a word,
That day she destroyed my world,
I wish I knew why,
But all I can do now is cry.

I haven’t been able to hold back the tears,
I’ve realised my worst fears,
Every day just seems so cold,
It gets better, or so I’ve been told,
I don’t have the strength to go on,
All my resolve is gone.
I can’t block away the pain,
It’s like chasing footprints in the rain.

Lord, Help Me

She looks down at the lifeless body of her son,
Her child, her only one,
He lies clutching the bread he had gone to buy,
She can only ask why,
The bullet lodged in his back pushes out his blood,
And it lies beneath him like a flood,
This is too much for her to see,
She kneels down and cries, “Lord help me!”

When it strikes him, he feels the pain,
Now the gunshots are like a distant sound in the rain,
The warlord’s machete is lodged firmly in his neck,
And the blood trickles down his back,
He knows today is the day he will die,
Yet he is only nine,
He asks how this can be,
Then he begs of God, “Lord help me!”

She could see the floods ride higher,
The little space on her roof only got colder,
She held her baby close to her,
She promised him no matter what, she’d be there,
She didn’t see the wave that threw her,
And parted him from her,
As the current swept him further than she could see,
In tears she begged, “Lord, help me.”

My spirit's resolve

I thrive on the strength of my ability,
On the knowledge that I can,
And I am.
I have tackled life head on,
At times I have battled and lost,
At others, I have attacked and triumphed,
I have borne scars,
Held back hordes,
And have been hardened by battle,
I have bet on myself in this game called life.
Yes, I may be only one man,
But I am not just any man,
I am, Garikai Nhongo


There was nothing we couldn’t do,
The world had no place we wouldn’t go,
We were set on conquering the world,
And at the summit we would stand proud and bold,
We knew no defeat,
And we could accomplish any feat,
We were young and just beginning to feel alive,
Those were the best days of our lives.

The future bowed down before us,
We could see clearly the path that lay before us,
Filled with wealth and success,
We deserved nothing less,
We ran the race with all our might,
Never stopping and never in fright,
Every day was better than the last,
The future much brighter than the past.

But now we tread with more caution,
We walk each step with hesitation,
We no longer see the gold line streets,
Truth, we’ve suffered our share of numbing defeats,
Our gait has become nothing more than a crawl,
And we hide only in places we’ve been before,
I miss the days back in ’05,
Those were the best days of our lives.

Easier not to believe

Its easier not to believe, Because the alternative brings me pain, To think of the journey i have walked, And that a father who loves me ...