Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wonderful as you

The sun will rise to greet each day,
The moon will light our way,
The trees will show us shades of green,
That perhaps we have never seen,
Flowers will bloom,
And free the world of gloom,
But of all the wonders around you,
There is none as wonderful as you.

I've seen flowers bright yellow and blue,
I've seen love so true,
I've seen friends embrace,
And life age with grace,
I've felt the warmth of the sun's rays,
And felt joy in so many ways,
But of all the wonders so true,
There is none as wonderful as you.

There's laughter in so many eyes,
And life even when another dies,
There's hope even when we think its gone,
And each day, new hope is born,
I've seen a wonderful world,
With hearts filled with gold,
But of all the wonders so true,
There is none as wonderful as you.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yesterday over again

I can’t stop the tears from falling,
I can’t stop myself from crying,
I wish I could take back yesterday,
And get the chance to relive the day,
There are so many things I would have never said,
Many mistakes I would have never made,
The only way to ease this pain,
Is if I could live yesterday over again.

There’s so much I’d say,
All in a different way.
I wouldn’t have brought you tears,
I wouldn’t have laughed at your fears,
I would have held you more,
Shown you that it’s you I adore,
I wouldn’t have caused you pain,
If only I could live yesterday over again.

I would have shown you that I love you,
In words and in all I do,
If I’d listened to what you said to me,
Maybe you and I would still be,
Maybe you wouldn’t have left me,
Maybe I’d have seen what I needed to see,
Maybe I wouldn’t be in the rain,
If I could live yesterday over again.

Glimmer of hope

When the sun goes down at night,
A million stars give us light,
As the sun rises again, the stars are gone,
But we know that we were never alone,
We are never left in total darkness,
No matter how much we may be in distress,
There’s always a glimmer of hope,
To help us cope.

In our darkest hour, there’s always a twinkle,
Always a light in our deepest pickle,
If we look up we’ll always see it,
If we seek deep inside we’ll always be with it,
Its always the strength that gives us the next step,
Our internal beacon and help,
Inside you lies a glimmer of hope,
Hope that will help you cope.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Its that thing you never thought could happen,
That leaves your heart heavy laden,
Its that certainty you held dear,
In which you’ll realise your deepest fear,
Its that thing most precious to you,
That you can never work through,
Its the thing that most mattered,
That breaks and is shattered.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

For King & Glory

I walked into a blinding light,
The light was terribly bright,
I knew I had to fight,
Fight with all my might,
I could hear sounds around me,
I had to listen cos I could not see,
Death would not visit me today,
I'd be sending someone else on their way.

I swung my blade hard and swift,
The feel of flesh gave me the lift,
I felt a lifeless body slump,
He fell, curled into a lump,
I swung again and felt steel so hard,
Then I stabbed and knew it was his gut,
I fought for King and glory,
I felt my cause was holy.

My eyes started to open,
Silence, no words spoken,
I was the only man that stood on either side,
Everyone else had died,
I wondered if this was victory or we all had lost,
As I watched the blood cover the frost.
I watched the carnage I had made,
As I sheathed my victorious blade.

Kill me please

I couldn't make out words any more,
This man was one helluva bore,
Now I could just hear a din,
He's a priest, is that a sin?
I don't know, I just need to be somewhere else,
Any where else,
Save more from this please,
Kill me please!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Visions of my heart

Visions of my heart

I see things that no one else can see,
I visit places you will never be,
I’m not afraid to dream anew,
And what I dream can come true,
Each day I seek the words to take you where I’ve been,
To show you what I’ve seen,
So each day I write new verses,
To ignite your senses.

The world is my canvas,
My inspiration comes from Jesus,
It comes from within a deep place,
From my most inspired space,
Each day inspires a new thought,
Each fleeting idea is easily caught,
Then shared to all who’d care,
All who are willing to go there.

I share the visions of my heart,
Visions never to depart,
Each word is a part of me,
Laid bare for you to see,
A drop of the inspiration that drives me,
An idea of what could be,
A bit of my heart,
Drawn from the visions of my heart.

Rock star

I’ve prayed every day for shining lights,
For great days and glorious nights,
I’ve seen them sing my name,
Basking in the glory of fame,
I’ve seen myself as a star,
Bright and blazing from afar,
Throw the drinks on the bar,
Cos I’m a rock star!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

It should be me

My heart bleeds every single day,
I have died in many a way,
I can't imagine his kiss on your lips,
How did we end up like this?
I hate to imagine you lying in his bed,
Or to listen to the things you have said,
I die when I think of you and him in embrace,
Its a death I always face.

It should be me you hold close,
It should be me you chose,
I should be the one with you every day,
Pleasing you in every way,
Your dreams are meant to be of me,
I should be all your mind's eye can see,
You and I should be,
It should be me.

Me...not him,
You should love me...not him,
You should need me...not him,
You should yearn for me..not him,
I should make you happy...not him,
I should be your world...not him,
You and I should be,
It should be me.

Easier not to believe

Its easier not to believe, Because the alternative brings me pain, To think of the journey i have walked, And that a father who loves me ...