Sunday, November 17, 2013

New beginnings

Back where it all began,
Is where we start again,
The place that birthed our histories,
And where we toasted victories,
And where we left in search of more,
What seems like a lifetime ago,
It is here that we seek new beginnings,
And pray for god's blessings.

We will do things anew in a place of old,
Find warmth in places gone cold,
We will seek that which we never sought,
And think deeper than we ever thought,
We'll do more than we've ever done,
And go places we've never gone,
We'll fight battles to be won,
And toil mightily under the sun.

We will innovate and wow the masses,
Have our names etched in sacred places,
We'll do things they've never seen,
And dream of things that have never been,
Yes, this is our rising sun,
A place second to none,
These are our blessings,
Our new beginnings.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Artists of our time

I've taken time to explore those of old,
Those whose bones lie below cold,
Those who people revered as artists of the day,
Who wrote, painted and were creative in many a way,
Who did things that others could not,
And saw the future in ways others did not,
Those who yielded brushes, pens and the stage,
Who sang, danced, wrote and acted beyond their age.

These heroes of whom we still speak,
Prophesied of the bright and the bleak,
They took the courage to believe,
Whether or not the plebes were ready to receive,
We yield not pens and paper now,
Nor to we stand on stages and take a bow,
Yet our vision is just as great,
In our hearts, we still hold our fate.

We are the artists of our time,
And though without brush or rhyme,
Without paintings of the pits of hell,
We still have a story to tell.
Without a pen we dream in rhyme,
Without a chisel,our minds sculpt in our time,
Through the strength of words, ideas and deeds,
We are warriors for our realm's needs.

So gird yourself with your armour,
And prepare to ride with valour,
Arm yourself with the gift God has given,
And dare travel where no man has ridden,
The world waits upon us,
God entrusts this upon us,
Do your best with your given dime,
For we are the artists of our time.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Premium Roasted

It looks dark and smooth,
Good enough to make me swoon,
The aroma is almost vulgar,
Too seductive to be true,
A beautiful roasted scent,
Consuming all around it.
I put it to my lips,
I don’t know whether to curse or to pray,
It tastes almost velvety,
Yet strong and absolutely dominant,
I pause to savour it,
Before I rekindle that romance,
That illicit love affair,
With my premium roasted coffee.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Life is but an illusion,
A mirror reflecting our passion,
It’s a reflection of our dreams and desires,
A fuel for our burning fires,
But is this life all real,
Is anything really real?
The more you desire something,
You realise you really have nothing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When I need Him

I've known it all my life,
That its for Him that I'm alive,
I've known of something greater that me,
Someone I feel but cannot see,
I know that he's walked with me on many roads,
And opened for me many doors,
He's been my light when my days are dim,
He's always there when I need him.

He's forgiven me when I am wrong,
And given my heart a joyful song,
He's protected me when I am wronged,
And brought me home, where I belonged,
He's given me strength when i am weak,
And given me a voice to speak,
I find refuge in Him,
Jesus is always there when I need him.

Broken Reed

It no longer sways with the wind,
Not because it’s become stronger than the breeze,
But because the will to move is lost,
It’s too weak to find a rhythm.
The wind whistles around it,
Its kin sway with the song,
But he looks down to the ground,

He once stood tall,
With the future beckoning him,
He once held a heart of hope,
And a love for the song and dance,
Yet now he fears each passing day,
That he may wither away,
That the sun which gave him hope,
Now signals the broken dream.

Each day all he can do is wait,
He already knows his fate,
He lives in a harsh reality,
That a broken reed has no place in this world,
He knows he can never be mended,
That the end is nigh,
This is the broken heart,
The broken reed.

Friday, September 6, 2013


I hate her as much as I love her,
But maybe I hate her for loving her,
I would as much kill her,
As kiss her,
Kick her,
As much as I would hold her,
I hate knowing that I am at the mercies of her,
That I belong to her.

I hate her,
For I am a slave to her,
My heart yearns for her,
My soul clings to her,
I hate her,
For my mind belongs to her,
My words are for her,
And my songs are of her.

I love her,
For I am better with her,
My future is only with her,
And my memories are of her,
I love her,
For I have only known love because of her,
And my heart belongs to only her,
For I truly love her.

Never again

Never again will I let them treat me this way,
I see them as they wish me away,
Never again will I let myself feel like this,
To be betrayed by a kiss,
Never again will I let my guard down,
I will live this life guarded by a frown,
Never again will my heart feel pain,
Never again, never again.

Never again will I let then rule my heart,
I'd first tear them apart,
Never again will I leave myself vulnerable,
My heart of stone will be invincible,
Never again will I be such a fool,
Used and used again like a tool,
Never again will I be open to pain,
Never again, never again.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I chose love

My name in bright lights,
Trips around the world to all the sights,
A bevy of beauties around me,
An animal in me raging free,
I could have had all that,
But I let it go flat,
Because of all the gifts from above,
I chose love.

I chose the heart above riches,
I chose it above all our wishes,
I let go of a wild life,
To be with an angel wife,
I chose to feel the hand of heaven,
Rather than what earth could have given,
Of all the gifts from God above,
I chose love.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dream so dear

I know where I want to be,
I see the bright lights in my mind's eye,
I've wished it over and over again,
Craved it, desired it...deserved it,
I've imagined them all whisper my name,
Too precious to be said out loud,
I've heard the reverence,
And the petals at my feet.

I've imagined it many times,
Fantasized, more than anything else,
Some have deemed it an obsession,
But to me, I see passion,
I've blotted out failures of the past,
And those of the present,
I see the future,
And to achieve it, I must believe it.

Each day that day becomes closer,
The lights, the sights,
The sounds, the applause,
The cheers and the looks of admiration,
I see it all.
I want it all.
I hold on to my dream so close,
I hold on to my dream so dear.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can't believe

I've spent too long in the rain,
Nursing my pain,
Too long in the cold,
Too beaten to have my story told,
I've spent too long alone,
Afraid to go home,
I've spent too long living in fear,
Not wanting to be here.

I never thought the tide would turn,
As i watched my dreams burn,
I never thought I'd see the light of day,
Nor have the strength in me to pray,
But one day I saw light,
Just a little but ever so bright,
One day I saw the sun,
The bright shining sun.

I can't believe that this is me,
I can't believe what I can be,
I've been blessed it seems,
I now realise my dreams,
There is strength in my heart,
Never to depart,
I never thought it would happen to me,
I cannot believe that this is me.

One mile

I've come this far,
Leapt well above the bar,
The path behind me I dare not revisit,
Sometimes I cannot believe it,
Yet I hear people wish to be me,
They think they can be what I will be,
Walk a mile strapped in my boots,
See where I've panted my roots.

You never know where a person has been,
Or what they've seen,
You'll never know what they've given up,
Or all the uncomfortable stuff,
Till you walk a single mile in their shoes,
Only then can you learn the good and the blues,
Look at my life,
Strap on my boots and walk a mile.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Great I am

Very few dare to meet the future before it happens,
To confront the storm as it gathers,
To crave success more than life itself,
And to steal from fate what you deserve,
In my life nothing has ever been given to me,
I've had to take everything I am and will be,
So each day I chant, "Great I am"
I will show you how great I am!

I've defeated much with these bare hands,
Confronted demons fathomed from my mind's lands,
I've learned the value of a single thought,
And even in the face of certain loss, I have fought,
I've learned how to defeat will and ideas,
And to calm fears,
Great I am! Great I am!
I will show you how great I am!

I've locked thunder and lightning in chains,
And survived unimaginable pains,
I've chosen to wager on me,
And for my mind and soul to be free,
I've found hope even when I have lost,
Hope enough to boast,
That i will show you I can!
I will show you how great I am!

I've been threatened with failure and death,
Yet without fear I dare that last breath,
See if I will let you be my last,
For I am here till my last task,
Till I show the world what i can do,
Till they celebrate what I have been through,
Great I am! Great I am!
I will show you how great I am!

Friday, January 11, 2013

I write

They say the pen is mightier than the sword,
That sounds pretty bold,
Could the chewed end of my ink,
Be stronger than we would think,
Could the feel of sharp steel so cold,
Be less than the pen I hold,
I do pray that it has that bite,
For when I engage in battle, I write.

I write about evil and good,
About places that once stood,
I write about those we love and hate,
And about the workings of fate,
When bombs fall my pen is at hand,
And even so when lands are on the mend,
Whenever I desire to pick a fight,
I arm myself with my ink and I write.

I write that my words may be read,
That hungry souls may be fed,
I write that I may be understood,
In the hope that I may do good,
In write to encourage the weary,
And to admonish the greedy,
I mobilise my intellectual armies,
Soldiers ready to fight in their stories,

I am a leader and a warrior,
I am perhaps to some, even a saviour,
I right the wrongs,
I encourage their heartfelt songs,
I battle evil like a superhero,
My weapon of choice being my biro,
As longs as there are wrongs to turn right,
I will write.

I have you

The cries and the tears,
The smiles we use to mask the fears,
the Sunny days,
And the dreary days,
The rimes we love and the times we fight,
When you are near and out of sight,
they are all worth going through,
Because I know I'll always have you.

Easier not to believe

Its easier not to believe, Because the alternative brings me pain, To think of the journey i have walked, And that a father who loves me ...