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Let the feet dance

At first it's a faint thud in my ears,
Until the sound clears,
Then I can hear the rhythmic sound,
From the hills all around,
The beat becomes clearer,
As the song comes nearer,
I feel my feet tap the floor,
As my soul yearns for more.

It suddenly erupts into a dance,
Hundreds of people in a joyous trance,
The music hits the core,
More, more...we need more
The feet on the floor thud together,
Ready to dance forever,
Sometimes it's alright to just dance,
Let the feet dance.

Perfect for each other

Her eyes shine,
Each time she looks at me,
I see heaven in her smile,
As it beckons me,
I know she needs me,
As I need her,
I know she wants me,
As I want her.

Each step she takes,
Makes me stare,
It has the grace of a gazelle,
And the majesty of an angel,
Each curve is in the right place
Moving in the right way,
Such grace,
Such beauty,

She fills me with desire,
A desire I have never felt before,
I know I want more,
Oh so much more,
She was made for me,
And I for her,
It's only natural,
That we are perfect for each other.

Love fulfilled

I moan,
At the touch of her lips,
Against the small of my back,
Rising higher.

She moans,
As my hands caress her hips,
And pull her to me
Gently, yet forcefully,

I moan,
As her hands become bolder,
Stroking me,
Teasing. Me,

She moans,
As I lift her against me,
As we become one
Over and over again

We moan,
As we climax to ecstasy
Our hearts beating as one,
Our love fulfilled.