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I feel alive

Tragedy holds no sway on me,
For as long as there’s breath in me,
Hordes may congregate at the gates,
But decimation for them awaits,
For greatness is my destiny,
Built with godly ability,
I fear nothing that comes to cause pain,
For already I have conquered and slain.

When they come I breathe deep,
And battle steep,
I take the blows,
And return them as the wind billows,
I cheat death again and again,
I fight through sorrow and pain,
And when done I breath out loud,
Look to the heavens and feel alive!

Beautiful day

The sun is out and the birds are singing,
Timbered voices and church bells ringing,
My heart beats with gladness,
The rhythm and tune together seamless,
The hearts around me beat the same,
We sing the song both strong and tame,
I look up to the sky and all I can say,
Is that it’s a beautiful day.