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To strive, to seek, to find: the entrepreneurial quest for opportunity

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life.

Do I think I deserve an award for that? Hell yeah! But I know I’m not getting one (or am I?). Well, almost all my life. I feel that I have the battle scars that allow me to speak authoritatively on behalf of entrepreneurs. There is a brief period when I took up the comfort of employment. It was rewarding in its own way and truth be told, I was allowed to express myself entrepreneurially even in that setup. I learned something important during that time. I understood that the biggest difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is that entrepreneurs are hardly ever comfortable. Not that they never make money or attain wealth, that’s not what I mean. What I mean is that entrepreneurs rarely ever sit back, feel content and think they are done regardless of their successes or failures. They are often asking, “What’s next?”

Opportunity is next. You see, the answer to that question lies in the next opportunity. That’s what’s next.

Though it’s p…

Learning to win

What is the object of life?

I’ve asked many people that question and I have received as many answers as there are grains of sand on a beach. When you ask people what the object of life is, you will get a panoply of interesting and creative answers. The religious will speak of the tenets of their religious dogma and how that defines their purpose on this earth. The goal oriented will speak about the need to attain set targets and the romantics will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart speaking about love and the beauty of the rising sun (or some such). I don’t necessarily disagree with any of these or a myriad of others who I have not mentioned; however, I believe that they are overthinking things. Let me explain why. I agree wholeheartedly that our lives have a purpose. If you don’t think so, it may save you time to close this page. I believe that we can’t just be here to float around, breathe air and excrete waste until we die. Our purposes as different people on this earth…

A dollar out of 15 cents: A story of supermodels, helicopters and the creative economy

I was 16 years old when my physics teacher bolted into class and asked,

"Do you know how to make a million dollars?"

My mind raced to a million places and my heart beat excitedly in anticipation. I expected that he perhaps had created a laser that could heal a disease we had never heard of or perhaps he devised a Nobel Prize worthy formula for the earth's rotation. Before you condemn me as an overly excitable fellow, let me give you the context. This guy was an African Einstein. I can't vouch for what went on in his head but he kept plenty of unkempt hair and a sporting mustache with a dusty lab coat completing the look. When you saw him he always looked like he was working out something. I always imagined that his head was like a projector beaming complicated calculus that only he could see. Clearly I can be forgiven for thinking that the look went together with some higher cognitive ability.

You can imagine my utter disappointment when he offered his answer,