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In the world beyond

He gasped but couldn't speak,
He couldn't breathe but he felt no pain,
No screams nor anguish,
If anything, he felt at peace.
He felt a little light but didn't know why,
His eyes had been shut the whole time
He opened them to take a curious look,
He saw his body lying in bed.

He should scream or at least call out
Yet he felt so peaceful
He knew now that the last day was his last
That his time had now come
But wait
What about his children,
And the things left undone
The things left undone.

He wondered if people would miss him
Maybe, maybe not.
After all he was a rolling stone
And he certainly gathered very little moss.
Truth be told he touched many lives
So he knew there would be tears
But he hoped they knew he was in peace
That they needed not shed a tear.

He felt a gentle tug and turned around,
He saw his father, his brothers, his sisters
He saw his people beckoning him home
He felt that it was all OK.
With no words he said goodbye to this world
To people he knew he'd…

Understood by few

They asked me what I do,
So I looked at the asking crew,
I knew this was a trap,
So first I thought to make up some crap,
Then I thought again, no,
Let’s have fun, let’s give it a go,
So I told them I was in advertising,
I could see them mentally criticizing

The lady in the weave was the first to voice it out,
She began the bout,
The man with the glasses echoed her thoughts,
Then the professor fellow connected the imaginary dots,
They told me I was kin to the devil,
Complete and pure evil,
That I sold things that killed and maimed,
So it seems for all the world’s ills I would be blamed.

I raised my voice and told them to take a seat,
That voice was advertising that fist and face may just meet,
If nature advertises then why can’t I?
For a flower looks beautiful that it may not die,
A rattlesnake rattles to give a warning that you may die,
A smell advertises the presence of a sty,
So if nature advertises to give you cues,
Surely to the thinker, these must be clues.

Advertising brings to…

I try not to cry

I heard it as I made my morning coffee
Today it was loud
My mug slipped from my hand
And shattered into a million pieces,
My legs gave way beneath me
And I slumped to the floor
I held my head in my hands
And I tried not to cry

I heard it as I drove to work
It was cruel
My eyes watered till I couldn’t see
My chest tightened till I couldn’t breathe,
My hands broke into a sweat,
My head started to a relentless pounding,
I had to stop the car
And I tried not to cry

I heard it during my meetings,
Again in the laundromat,
Then again in the pub,
And I even as I sat on the toilet,
That song you said was ours
Now causes more pain than it did pleasure
It kills me inside each time
And I try not to cry

I wish you had left me for another man
Or for another place
Or to chase a dream
Or anything else,
I know I’ll never hear your voice again
Touch your hand
I don’t understand
And I try not to cry

I don’t want to grow old

Yes, I’ve always been told
That I will one day grow old
That my mind will run slow,
And my eyes will shed their glow,
That I will count down to days ahead,
And not count up instead,
I know that with time it is unavoidable,
But that doesn’t make it more desirable.

I want to live forever young,
I want to sing every song ever sung,
I want to leap to the ground from planes,
And I want to dance outside when it rains,
I want to scale mountains,
And throw coins into ancient fountains,
I know what I’ve been told,
But I still don’t want to grow old.

I want to dance till I can dance no more,
Or drink till I can no longer rise from the floor,
I want to make so many mistakes,
Risks, chances and whatever it takes,
I want to learn from me and from others,
And bed scores of lovers,
I know what I’ve been told,
But by darn, I don’t want to grow old.

Does she know

I wonder if she sees what I see,
I wonder if she knows what she can be,
Does she feel the light she radiates,
Does she feel the hearts she illuminates,
People are better because of her,
And people who would take a bullet for her,
Does she know what she means to us all,
Does she know this at all?

There's a sexy confidence in the way she walks,
And in the way she talks,
There's a twinkle and glow in her eyes,
And in her heart, her essence lies,
She talks to me and I'm her one,
She torments my mind till the morning sun,
A seed sowed eons ago bursts to grow
But does she know?

Does she know that she never has to know pain,
That she can now dance in the rain
I believe in her more than she does herself
If I could I'd crown her Queen myself,
She is as near perfect as anyone can be
Or at least to me,
Her heart, her life forever to grow,
But does she know.