Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I try not to cry

I heard it as I made my morning coffee
Today it was loud
My mug slipped from my hand
And shattered into a million pieces,
My legs gave way beneath me
And I slumped to the floor
I held my head in my hands
And I tried not to cry

I heard it as I drove to work
It was cruel
My eyes watered till I couldn’t see
My chest tightened till I couldn’t breathe,
My hands broke into a sweat,
My head started to a relentless pounding,
I had to stop the car
And I tried not to cry

I heard it during my meetings,
Again in the laundromat,
Then again in the pub,
And I even as I sat on the toilet,
That song you said was ours
Now causes more pain than it did pleasure
It kills me inside each time
And I try not to cry

I wish you had left me for another man
Or for another place
Or to chase a dream
Or anything else,
I know I’ll never hear your voice again
Touch your hand
I don’t understand
And I try not to cry

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