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You don't hear me

I wanted to believe,
That the unseen would, the seen relieve,
That someone somewhere looked out for me,
Fought my battles for me,
Willed me to be,
Set my being and spirit free,
But I ask how you can be
If you never hear me.

I went on my knees,
And I made many many pleas,
I said show me you’re true,
Show me that indeed you are you,
A sign was all I needed,
Each day I pleaded,
But I ask how you can be,
Because you never heard me.

I denied my body the nourishment of food,
For I had been told that for the soul, that is good,
I did and said all I could,
But you did nothing of what you said you would,
I lay and cried tears every day,
You didn’t wipe them away,
So tell me how you can be,
If you never hear me.

You took from me someone close,
But for the evil, long life to those,
So either your are unfair,
Or you’re simply not there,
You denied me everything I asked,
Crashed all that I tasked,
So convince me that you can be,
For I know you don’t hear me.

I don't belong (Away from home for too long)

I don’t belong,
The ties that bind are no longer strong,
I see strangers in every face,
And my heart yearns for another place,
Yet these are the people with whom I share a name,
With them, I should feel no shame,
Yet I feel it is no longer the same,
I have a new longing home cannot tame.

Years of travel have broken our bond,
Home is now a place far beyond,
This is now a place I go
And I feel that love no more,
It hurts me to feel this way,
Yet I fail to wish it away,
I look for someone else to blame,
That might just wash away my shame.

I left many years ago to seek a better life,
In those travels I found a wife,
I have found a place of rest,
Yet people still tell me home is best,
Am I a refugee, an expat o an immigrant?
Is there any peace that the Lord may grant?
I go home and yet I don’t belong,
The ties that bind are no longer strong

Heaven Can Wait - Presentation Version

My journey must end at the pearly gates,
Where a beautiful eternity awaits,
I should arrive with a smile on my face,
As I enter a place of grace,
In life I must have nothing left to do,
I should have fought each fight and seen each race through,
I should have won
I should have conquered everything I would have done.

Yet I am not ready to be heaven bound,
I’m not prepared to be buried in the ground,
I have many battles I still need to fight,
I still need to emerge from darkness into the light,
I still need to find my place,
Hence towards heaven there is no haste,
I know not what will be my fate,
But until I’m done, heaven can wait.

As long as children go to sleep with nothing to eat,
Walk around with unclad feet,
As long as our mothers toil with nothing to show,
Look upon heaven with no sign of God’s glow,
As long as our fathers are bereft of hope,
Laden with burdens and cannot cope,
Then my heart continues to carry the weight,
So, heaven can wait.

As long as African fa…

Till we meet again

I've cancelled many words on my paper,
Hoping it would change the truth forever,
I sometimes feel you're there,
Then reality flings me into despair,
I realise that you're gone,
And I feel alone,
Each day the wound feels new,
Every second I miss you.

My tears still haven't dried,
Lord knows I have tried,
I still cry,
I still ask why,
I don't understand how this is God's will,
Nor why verse demands I be still,
Anger rages deep within me,
Anger from which I will never be free.

I know many who ought to have taken your place,
Then at least I'd see your face,
Maybe I'd have a chance to say goodbye,
Maybe then I'd understand why.
I wonder if you're looking down at us,
If you're smiling at us,
If you whisper that its okay,
If you walk with us every day.

I miss you more than I can say,
I think about you every moment of every day,
I know you will never again be near,
That nothing will bring you back here.
It still hurts deep
So so deep
I know I will n…


I’ve always loved September,
For as long as I remember,
In my mind it’s a time of perfection,
Perfect for reflection,
I’ve always moved forward,
Surged onward,
I’ll always love September,
My beautiful September.

I was born in September,
A day shy of October,
The weather was still fair
The orange leaves still there,
It was a beautiful early morning to arrive,
A great time to be alive,
That is where my story began,
The first sight of me as a man.

I was married in September,
We vowed to always be together,
The wedding was the most beautiful day of my life,
When I made her my wife,
We began a journey that would change me forever,
A journey I’d never take with another,
Regardless of age I still fell younger,
Knowing we’ll be together forever.

I will die in September,
Kind of befitting for this poetic writer,
It will be in the early morn,
Just as I was born,
In my sleep and in a peaceful state,
I imagine I’d be four score eight,
Maybe a little more,
Maybe even five score four.

I have always…