Heaven Can Wait - Presentation Version

My journey must end at the pearly gates,
Where a beautiful eternity awaits,
I should arrive with a smile on my face,
As I enter a place of grace,
In life I must have nothing left to do,
I should have fought each fight and seen each race through,
I should have won
I should have conquered everything I would have done.

Yet I am not ready to be heaven bound,
I’m not prepared to be buried in the ground,
I have many battles I still need to fight,
I still need to emerge from darkness into the light,
I still need to find my place,
Hence towards heaven there is no haste,
I know not what will be my fate,
But until I’m done, heaven can wait.

As long as children go to sleep with nothing to eat,
Walk around with unclad feet,
As long as our mothers toil with nothing to show,
Look upon heaven with no sign of God’s glow,
As long as our fathers are bereft of hope,
Laden with burdens and cannot cope,
Then my heart continues to carry the weight,
So, heaven can wait.

As long as African families drown at sea,
How can we say we are free?
They look to flee from the bonds of lifelessness,
A life so full of pain and distress,
As long as citizens fear the barrel of the gun,
And live a life on the run,
Then there exists no debate,
Heaven can wait.

I have work for which God has called me,
This is what I am destined to be,
I have places where this world needs me,
Responsibilities from which I cannot be free,
I have things that I need to do,
And frankly, so do you.
This is my fate,
So till then, heaven can wait.

I have the heart to drive me forward,
I have the sand to battle onward,
I have the vision to see my goal,
I have the Lord to calm my soul,
I have places I still need to see,
And I am not yet who I need to be,
Until I reach that peaceful state,
I say again, heaven can wait.


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