I’ve always loved September,
For as long as I remember,
In my mind it’s a time of perfection,
Perfect for reflection,
I’ve always moved forward,
Surged onward,
I’ll always love September,
My beautiful September.

I was born in September,
A day shy of October,
The weather was still fair
The orange leaves still there,
It was a beautiful early morning to arrive,
A great time to be alive,
That is where my story began,
The first sight of me as a man.

I was married in September,
We vowed to always be together,
The wedding was the most beautiful day of my life,
When I made her my wife,
We began a journey that would change me forever,
A journey I’d never take with another,
Regardless of age I still fell younger,
Knowing we’ll be together forever.

I will die in September,
Kind of befitting for this poetic writer,
It will be in the early morn,
Just as I was born,
In my sleep and in a peaceful state,
I imagine I’d be four score eight,
Maybe a little more,
Maybe even five score four.

I have always loved September,
I will always love September,
I was born in September,
Saw much through many a September,
I got married in September
And together we will live through many a September
I will die in September,
O my dear September.


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