You don't hear me

I wanted to believe,
That the unseen would, the seen relieve,
That someone somewhere looked out for me,
Fought my battles for me,
Willed me to be,
Set my being and spirit free,
But I ask how you can be
If you never hear me.

I went on my knees,
And I made many many pleas,
I said show me you’re true,
Show me that indeed you are you,
A sign was all I needed,
Each day I pleaded,
But I ask how you can be,
Because you never heard me.

I denied my body the nourishment of food,
For I had been told that for the soul, that is good,
I did and said all I could,
But you did nothing of what you said you would,
I lay and cried tears every day,
You didn’t wipe them away,
So tell me how you can be,
If you never hear me.

You took from me someone close,
But for the evil, long life to those,
So either your are unfair,
Or you’re simply not there,
You denied me everything I asked,
Crashed all that I tasked,
So convince me that you can be,
For I know you don’t hear me.


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