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I am a dreamer

Life teaches you to be afraid,
Like that school bully who would wait for you at the gate,
Remember him?
Every time you would open your mouth,
He would cut you down,
And the sight of him would fill you with fear,
That’s life.
Except that now, there is no teacher to protect you,
So that bully has free reign.

But like any other bully we stand up to life.
As long as we are alive we owe that to ourselves.
We show him we aren’t afraid
And we are prepared to fight for our dreams
To the bitter end if that may be required.
Let the world know that I battled the demons that filled me with fear
A great many of them
And I vanquished them on by one,
I fought for my dreams.
I am a dreamer!

My dreams are like a fragile egg that I need to nurture and protect,
I can’t let anyone or anything break it,
I need to make sure that the dreams hatch and grow
That they mature, spread their wings and fly across the world.
That means that I will do anything I have to keep them alive,
Even sacrifice…