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The human purpose

The sun rises each day,
To set again each night,
Its begins a journey,
Which always takes it back to the beginning,
Yet we chase it every single day,
From where it begins,
To where it ends
Such is the bain of our existence.

We live and we die,
Yet the rivers still must flow,
Whether we are here or not,
Life goes on,
The trees will still sway in the wind,
And the birds will still take to the air,
I wonder then why we are here,
if our existence holds purpose.

When you leave you become a memory,
replenished only when you return,
If you return,
And if you don't, the memory becomes distant,
You become a forgotten blemish,
Insignificant, almost.
Then why go through it all,
Is there a purpose to this existence?

Is it to hold gold and silver?
Yet we don't bear it in the afterlife.
Is it to feel life's pleasures?
Perhaps not.
Maybe the whole purpose is to make a difference,
Hoping that the good deed lives beyond us,
For the reality is that there is no greater success,
Than creating…


I hear the roar echo in the night,
The twinkling stars a fitting sight,
The roar speaks to my soul deep within me,
It speaks to me of what will be,
The drums beat in a rhythmic hum,
Each thus tells a story beyond the drum,
It tells me of who we are,
It screams to me, Africa.

The depths of hell

I seek salvation in the depths of hell,
With a burning none can quell,
I dream while I am awake,
Yearning for something I can take,
I feel the burning flames swallow my soul,
I feel them take it whole,
I feel them consume everything I hope to be,
Everything I dare to see.

I hear screaming souls around me,
I hear a deep sorrow from within me,
It tears me apart and builds me again,
Just so that I may again feel that pain,
Each tear is more bitter than the last,
The present more painful than the past,
Each day I lose more,
Each day I know I have nowhere to go.

I feel and see pain all around,
I see darkness abound,
Yet in all this I see nothing,
In everything,
And everything,
In nothing,
I seek salvation in the depths of hell,
With a burning none can quell

Dear Mama (I thank you)

I was taught to live this life by an angel,
And this angel is you,
You taught me the right path to walk,
Even when I wanted to stray,
You gave me the courage to go on,
Even when all seemed lost,
You made the man that I am today,
And for that I thank you.

I remember the days we had nothing,
But in that nothing, we still had much,
We had a home of love,
A home with hope,
Hearts filled with desire,
And spirits with the promise of tomorrow,
You made the man that I am today,
And for that I thank you.

I look at everything that I have,
And I owe it all to you,
I look at everything that I am,
And I owe it all to you,
I see the future of what I will be,
The promise that lies ahead,
You made the man that I will be,
And for that, I thank you.


I stood in the room alone,
Though in a crowd, I still felt alone,
They talked, they giggled, they laughed,
As they walked none stopped, they passed,
Glasses of wine on their lips,
Hands of promise draped on their hips,
I was there yet in my own world,
There, not there, yet bold.

Then she walked in gracefully,
She captured me completely,
I stared,
Never cared,
She glided rather than walked,
She sang, rather than talked,
I looked up from my wine,
And saw my sunshine.

She was the light of the room,
The bride to my groom,
I watched as the room stood still,
Each man gazed at her outside their will,
She smiled so beautifully.
And took it all in, so gracefully,
I knew for the rest of our lives we would dine,
Me and my sunshine.

I promise

The day the earth stands still,
And when I lose my will,
The day the rain stops falling from the sky,
And the day we stop asking why,
The day we lose hope,
And the day we can no longer cope,
Is the day I will stop loving you,
The day I will no longer be true.

This is my promise to you,
The promise that keeps everything I do,
When I look into your eyes,
I know that I have won life’s prize,
I know that the world is right,
That there is no longer reason to fight,
I will love you in all I do,
That is my promise to you


The birds the stay in the comfort of their nests,
Never learn to fly,
Only those with the courage to jump,
Will learn to fly.

If it were me

I watch you every day as you walk by,
Always with a tear in your eye,
I saw you cry again today,
As you cry every other day,
One day I will whisper to you,
That your tears can be through,
That someone can guard your heart,
Much better than that.

If it were me you were coming to,
I would make every day about you,
I would bring joy to your life,
And make you feel alive,
Though tears may stream down your face,
Joy will take sadness' place,
I would buy you a rose so red,
And make you feel alive as we lay in bed.

If it were me who had your heart,
You would be happy from the start,
I would be your man and you my lady,
Each day would be happy,
I would hold your hand and never want to let go,
I would always wish for more,
I would have found my gem,
My diamond among them.

But it's not me you run to,
It's not me you come home to,
It's him to go to every day,
And with him you cry every day,
One day I will take your heart as mine,
One day it will all me mine,
One day it will be…

I don't know

I am a man with many questions,
Borne from my many musings,
I have sat and wondered what it all means,
For fairness in life exists only in dreams,
So, if God who is so good puts us here,
Why does he let evil live near,
Why does evil often win,
And good has victory so thin.

They that cheat are crowned in glory,
They that follow rules are often sorry,
The good die young sadly
Yet the evil live long gladly,
So why should we do good at all,
When we will always fall,
From our birth unto death,
We are stuck on this earth.

If it's for a glory in heaven,
Then the lot is uneven,
Why should we even be here in the first place,
If heaven is our place,
Why not be birthed there,
And never suffer here,
We would stay far from temptation,
And be in a better situation.

I wonder about the purpose of many things
About the pain life brings Is it worth anything,
Or perhaps it's worth everything
I wish I could sit down with God,
And ask him questions meant for The Lord,
Perhaps I may…

Let the feet dance

At first it's a faint thud in my ears,
Until the sound clears,
Then I can hear the rhythmic sound,
From the hills all around,
The beat becomes clearer,
As the song comes nearer,
I feel my feet tap the floor,
As my soul yearns for more.

It suddenly erupts into a dance,
Hundreds of people in a joyous trance,
The music hits the core,
More, more...we need more
The feet on the floor thud together,
Ready to dance forever,
Sometimes it's alright to just dance,
Let the feet dance.

Perfect for each other

Her eyes shine,
Each time she looks at me,
I see heaven in her smile,
As it beckons me,
I know she needs me,
As I need her,
I know she wants me,
As I want her.

Each step she takes,
Makes me stare,
It has the grace of a gazelle,
And the majesty of an angel,
Each curve is in the right place
Moving in the right way,
Such grace,
Such beauty,

She fills me with desire,
A desire I have never felt before,
I know I want more,
Oh so much more,
She was made for me,
And I for her,
It's only natural,
That we are perfect for each other.

Love fulfilled

I moan,
At the touch of her lips,
Against the small of my back,
Rising higher.

She moans,
As my hands caress her hips,
And pull her to me
Gently, yet forcefully,

I moan,
As her hands become bolder,
Stroking me,
Teasing. Me,

She moans,
As I lift her against me,
As we become one
Over and over again

We moan,
As we climax to ecstasy
Our hearts beating as one,
Our love fulfilled.

Always another

Every beginning has its ending,
Like any day worth spending,

Every night has its day,
So darkness always goes away,

Every good has its bad,
In good measure to be had,

Every sadness has its glee,
Which often lets us run free,

Every loss has a gain,
Just as joy has its pain,

Every sunrise carries a sunset,
And life brings with it an eternal debt

To every this there is the other,
And to every other is always another.


Each flame gives rise to another,
The fires gather together,
Burning a hole through my soul,
Leaving a deep, dark hole,
I know peace no more,
I know joy no more,
I live in a place of fear,
Losing everything I hold dear.

I see it all falling one by one,
Darkness, no more sun,
I’m afraid to gain lest I lose,
All I hold dear and choose,
I pray to God in heaven,
That he may bless that which I am given,
Is there anything left in me to redeem,
Or the call of death is mine it may seem.

I’m burning and I don’t know who to call,
I am ready to fall,
I feel all alone,
All those around are gone,
There’s nothing left for me,
Lord free me,
Take away these burdens and chains,
I tire of this life of no gains.

You saved me

Darkness engulfed me till you opened the door,
Till you showed me that I had more,
You took me to a place bigger than me
A place where amid strife I could be free,
You gave me hope,
And the knowledge that I could cope,
You may not know what you did for me,
But you saved me.

You came to me when I had nothing within,
When my only hope seemed to lie in mortal sin,
You came when I had given up,
When I had the eternally painful cup,
The evil that lay in my head,
Was put to bed,
I wish you could see,
That you saved me.

I wake each day with a sense of purpose,
Not a state of morose,
I can’t see the light yet I know I must move on,
I must soldier on,
If not for me then for you,
For you I would savour anything I go through,
Because you mean so much to me,
And you saved me.

Walked into hell

I walked into hell lured by light,
I now live every day in fright,
I’m afraid to sleep at night,
And the thought of morning saps my might,
I’m afraid to take a step forward,
Because it seems to carry me backward,
I live in a place of sadness,
And only dream of that place of gladness.

I walked into a fire that consumes me now,
I am here yet I don’t know how,
I need to get out and I do try,
But I feel enchained more as each day goes by,
The harder I try, the tighter the chains,
The greater the pains,
I wish my life were a happy story to tell,
But it’s a tale borne out of hell.

I embraced hope till it was sapped out of me,
I embraced ambition till even it broke free,
My heart is hard and empty,
Filled with pain and sorrow aplenty,
I wish there was a place I could go,
Or to know that which I must atone for,
That my hurt it may quell,
And help me out of this hell