I don’t want to grow old

Yes, I’ve always been told
That I will one day grow old
That my mind will run slow,
And my eyes will shed their glow,
That I will count down to days ahead,
And not count up instead,
I know that with time it is unavoidable,
But that doesn’t make it more desirable.

I want to live forever young,
I want to sing every song ever sung,
I want to leap to the ground from planes,
And I want to dance outside when it rains,
I want to scale mountains,
And throw coins into ancient fountains,
I know what I’ve been told,
But I still don’t want to grow old.

I want to dance till I can dance no more,
Or drink till I can no longer rise from the floor,
I want to make so many mistakes,
Risks, chances and whatever it takes,
I want to learn from me and from others,
And bed scores of lovers,
I know what I’ve been told,
But by darn, I don’t want to grow old.


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