In the world beyond

He gasped but couldn't speak,
He couldn't breathe but he felt no pain,
No screams nor anguish,
If anything, he felt at peace.
He felt a little light but didn't know why,
His eyes had been shut the whole time
He opened them to take a curious look,
He saw his body lying in bed.

He should scream or at least call out
Yet he felt so peaceful
He knew now that the last day was his last
That his time had now come
But wait
What about his children,
And the things left undone
The things left undone.

He wondered if people would miss him
Maybe, maybe not.
After all he was a rolling stone
And he certainly gathered very little moss.
Truth be told he touched many lives
So he knew there would be tears
But he hoped they knew he was in peace
That they needed not shed a tear.

He felt a gentle tug and turned around,
He saw his father, his brothers, his sisters
He saw his people beckoning him home
He felt that it was all OK.
With no words he said goodbye to this world
To people he knew he'd see some day.
Not in this life
But in the world beyond.


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