Till we meet again

I've cancelled many words on my paper,
Hoping it would change the truth forever,
I sometimes feel you're there,
Then reality flings me into despair,
I realise that you're gone,
And I feel alone,
Each day the wound feels new,
Every second I miss you.

My tears still haven't dried,
Lord knows I have tried,
I still cry,
I still ask why,
I don't understand how this is God's will,
Nor why verse demands I be still,
Anger rages deep within me,
Anger from which I will never be free.

I know many who ought to have taken your place,
Then at least I'd see your face,
Maybe I'd have a chance to say goodbye,
Maybe then I'd understand why.
I wonder if you're looking down at us,
If you're smiling at us,
If you whisper that its okay,
If you walk with us every day.

I miss you more than I can say,
I think about you every moment of every day,
I know you will never again be near,
That nothing will bring you back here.
It still hurts deep
So so deep
I know I will nurse this pain
Till we meet again.


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